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mAdb Feature Query

This form allows users to specify a Feature (e.g. Clone) in the NCI µArray Center inventory by either the complete Feature identifier, a GB Accession identifier or a GenBank GID number. The result will be a Comprehensive Feature Report for the specified Feature.

  • IMAGE Consortium Clone IMAGE:782760 (by mAdb Feature Name)
  • Qiagen Oligo H000233_01 (by mAdb Feature Name)
  • Custom OLIGO NM_005157_bp1201_R (by mAdb Feature ID #)
  • NimbleGen CGH Probe CHRX00P101949691 (by mAdb WELL ID #)

    For Affymetrix Human U95, U133, U133_plus chips; Mouse U74 or MOE430 chips; Rat U34 or RAE230 chips, use mAdb Feature Name and enter the affymetrix identifier (for example 200066_at or 207854_at).

    Note: Be aware when entering identifiers that the lookup is case sensitive.

  • mAdb Home Page | Training/Reference Info | GeneCards

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