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mAdb Account Request
Notice to Users & Potential Users

This U.S. Government computer system is provided for authorized use only. Any and all uses of this system and all files on this system may be monitored, copied or disclosed by authorized personnel. The data on the system may be searched at the request of law enforcement or other persons, as appropriate, and may be disclosed and used for disciplinary or civil action or criminal prosecution. Use of this computer system constitutes consent to these policies, which may take precedence over privacy rights.

Pointing Bee mAdb accounts are restricted to NIH users and collaborators using microArrays supported by the mAdb system. These include arrays printed at the NCI ATC microArray facility, the NIAID core microArray facility, and a limited number of other commercial/private Arrays.

Your answers to these preliminary questions will direct the rest of the account request process.

1.  Do you have a Login account accepted by the NIH Federated Login System?
2.  Have you previously had a mAdb account?
  and my
3.  Select the appropriate mAdb site:

mAdb Home Page | Training/Reference Info | GeneCards

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